10 Ways Deaf People Worship

    1. Dance

      • shown, praising

      • signing with choreographed dances

    2. Vibration

      • Drum or Beats

    3. Read Lyrics

      • Read the Lyrics on the screen and sign the words in a word-for-word or concept-based, or however the Holy Spirit leads you.

      • Read the Hymn Book

    4. Repeat word with beats

      • Use Deaf Harbor as an example by using

      • Percussion Signing including chanting forms: fight, protest, and spirit songs

    5. Copy someone signing the song

    6. ASL Poem

      • Handshape

      • ABC Story

      • Traditional ASL Storytelling

    7. Deaf raps

      • signing with choreographed dances, and percussion signing (including chanting forms: fight, protest, and spirit songs)

    8. Turn up the volume to understand the words and follow the rhythm.

    9. Hands are often raised-up to sign a joyful “Alleluia” to God

    10. The whole congregation creates a mosaic of gestures that praise God

      • Divide in a smaller group and sign the chores

      • Signing Choir in the background