Is Your Church The Right Church For Your Deaf Child?

We all love our children, and we want to best for our children. Finding the right church for your Deaf child may be challenging for a hearing parent.  For example, there is a lack of churches that provide appropriate ministry for Deaf children. You may assume that a sign language interpreter or someone who knows how to sign would solve this issue instantly. However, this is not the case.  I want to share one of our partners, Silent Blessing’s article,… Read More »Is Your Church The Right Church For Your Deaf Child?

How to use Hearing Privilege to help Deaf

USING HEARING PRIVILEGE TO ADVOCATE FOR THE DEAF TO SEEK THE LORD  Have you ever heard of the phrase “Hearing Privilege”?  Hearing Privilege is someone who has access to more auditory information rather than those who are unable to hear. You may not realize that you have those “privileges” over Deaf, Hard-Of-Hearing, and Deaf-Blind people. You might deny this existence. However, “hearing privilege” does exist. Society already has issues with “white privilege,” “male privilege, etc.” Therefore, why not bring this… Read More »How to use Hearing Privilege to help Deaf

What To AVOID When You have Deaf Members In Your Church: 

What To Not Say When You have Deaf Members In Your Church:  During the Middle Ages, Deaf people were excluded from churches due to the widespread belief that the souls of the Deaf could not find salvation since Deaf people were unable to “hear the Word of God.” Due to this misconception, Deaf people built their churches and formed their congregations. These churches use sign language to provide access to fellowship, worship, and studying the scriptures. While Deaf churches exist,… Read More »What To AVOID When You have Deaf Members In Your Church: 

Community Resources for Deaf

Often Church doesn’t have the right resources or knows where to find the right resources to support a Deaf church member in your area. There are several ways to find resources to help your Deaf Church member. National Association for the Deaf does have pages full of resources on the website. Their information could be very overwhelming because they are national level. NAD website does provide the National Association of State Agencies of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing list.… Read More »Community Resources for Deaf

Watch Bible Plan

You may have seen your church or organization announce a full-year Bible reading plan on their website. We have a great resource to offer to Deaf people. Watch ASL Plan! Deaf people now can engage with the scriptures and their community and interact with their church members. This way, you can strengthen your relationship with God daily for the rest of the year!

Heart of Accessibility

Why should a sign language bible exist in the Church? Why should a Sign Language Bible exist in the Church? This is a question that some people may ask. It is a common misconception that all Deaf people can read the written Bible based on spoken languages.  It is true that some Deaf people hold more than one language and can read written forms of spoken languages. However, reading a spoken language is inherently more difficult for someone who has… Read More »Heart of Accessibility

What is Praying like in Deaf Church?

During a deaf worship service, praying happens with open eyes and with lots of signing. Hands are often raised up to sign a joyful “Alleluia” to God. In fact, the whole congregation creates a mosaic of gestures that praise God. Silence is not required in order to hear the pastor speaking from the pulpit. People with hearing loss may find access to faith in the Christian tradition of silence, too. Most Deaf Christians see not hearing as a gift from… Read More »What is Praying like in Deaf Church?

Finding Your Deaf Access Home Church

Finding a home church to attend regularly is a daunting task. There are 10 things that you should look for when trying to find the right Deaf church in your local community. These qualities will help you to find your home church, a place to call your own. CommunityA church community will nurture your growth and walk with you. You need to experience a warm environment, be with people who love others, and want to know you more. They need… Read More »Finding Your Deaf Access Home Church

Who is Deaf Bible Society?

Transcript At Deaf Bible Society, we believe that the Great Commission is true for all people, including those who are Deaf. We believe that Deaf people have a right to access the Bible in their sign languages, providing opportunity for life transformation and a personal relationship with God and community within the church.   Of the more than 350 identified sign language communities, only one has access to all 66 books of the Bible. More than 58 million Deaf people… Read More »Who is Deaf Bible Society?

7 Ways to Increase Participation in Deaf Ministries

7 Ways to Increase Participation in Deaf Ministries

Each member of the church should make a concerted effort to mentor a fellow deaf person on spiritual matters and encourage their participation in church programs.   Demonstrate a strong spiritual capacity — lead by example! Become a vital part of the church by reaching out to both the deaf and hearing communities. Recognize the gifts you have and acknowledge the gifts you see in others. Engage in a multitude of opportunities to continually learn about the church, the Scriptures… Read More »7 Ways to Increase Participation in Deaf Ministries