5 Ways to Improve Church Services for Deaf People


Hey, I want to take this opportunity to tell you about 5 ways to improve church services for Deaf people.

#1, Switch out an English written Bible with the ASLV or CBT when showing Bible verses.

#2, When using PowerPoint or slide presentations, switch out the words on the screen with icons or pictures to help Deaf people visualize the content.

#3, Deaf Harbor has an awesome selection of songs and verses to use so that the Deaf audience can follow along.

$4, Silent Blessings is a great resource for Deaf children which can be used in Bible study and other things for kids to follow along and feel involved.

#5, When developing a Bible study or developing content to train Deaf leaders, Deaf Bible Society has everyday devotional Scripture that can be incorporated. Deaf Missions also has a variety of Scripture content and resources that can be incorporated for daily or church use.

Again, these 5 great resources are ways that your church can improve church services for Deaf people.