7 Ways to Increase Participation in Deaf Ministries

  • Each member of the church should make a concerted effort to mentor a fellow deaf person on spiritual matters and encourage their participation in church programs.  

  • Demonstrate a strong spiritual capacity — lead by example!

  • Become a vital part of the church by reaching out to both the deaf and hearing communities.

  • Recognize the gifts you have and acknowledge the gifts you see in others.

  • Engage in a multitude of opportunities to continually learn about the church, the Scriptures and social justice, and volunteer your time to improve the plight of others.

  • Donate or raise money to sustain the ministry at the level you are able to. The amount is not what is important, it is your willingness to give that is important. Even a small amount can make a big difference.

  • Invite hearing people who have an interest in ASL to attend church programs. Not only could this increase your church’s membership but will build a stronger bond between the hearing and deaf communities.