Ryan Sims

Who is Deaf Bible Society?

Transcript At Deaf Bible Society, we believe that the Great Commission is true for all people, including those who are Deaf. We believe that Deaf people have a right to access the Bible in their sign languages, providing opportunity for life transformation and a personal relationship with God and community within the church.   Of the more than 350 identified sign language communities, only one has access to all 66 books of the Bible. More than 58 million Deaf people… Read More »Who is Deaf Bible Society?

8 Reasons Why Deaf Ministry is Important

8 Reasons Why Deaf Ministry is Important

Transcript I want to take this opportunity to let you know 8 reasons why Deaf ministry is so important.  Most Deaf don’t have access to a Bible or even portions of Scripture because their language is visual and not based on written words around the world. Currently, around the world, there is no complete Bible in any signed translation. The ASLV (American Sign Language Version) started in the fall of 1970. Soon the completion of the ASLV is set for… Read More »8 Reasons Why Deaf Ministry is Important

The Future of DCW​

Deaf Church Where is the only online tool that provides Deaf people. a visual resource for finding and contacting local churches in their community.