Heart of Accessibility

Why should a sign language bible exist in the Church?

Why should a Sign Language Bible exist in the Church? This is a question that some people may ask. It is a common misconception that all Deaf people can read the written Bible based on spoken languages. 

It is true that some Deaf people hold more than one language and can read written forms of spoken languages. However, reading a spoken language is inherently more difficult for someone who has never heard the sounds that the letter represents. You can compare this to trying to learn spoken Greek while standing inside a soundproof booth. Sign language is very visual and accessible for a Deaf person to use. Sign language is the best way for Deaf people to access the scriptures. Therefore, learning a spoken language is not their heart language. 

Three Reasons Why A Sign Language Bible is needed: 

  • When the Scripture is signed, the Deaf will understand the Gospel more clearly.
  • When the Scripture is signed, many Deaf leaders receive His guidance to train more Deaf leaders.
  • When the Scripture is signed, more Deaf churches can grow and build healthy relationships. 


The Church

  • What is the Church? The Church represents true believers redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ. Believers worship the Holy Trinity, the Father, the Spirit, and the Son. 
  • In addition, a Church is a gathering of believers who meet to worship God and encourage one another.   
  • The significance of the Bible is for the Church. The Bible must be accessible for the sake of the Church. 
  • Since Deaf people only have access to written Scripture, they tend to focus on the written parts that are easier to understand. These parts usually focus on topics such as“do this and don’t do that.” Due to this, Deaf churches can become very legalistic. They cannot discuss the Scriptures in their Heart Language. Signed Scriptures communicate more clearly about the freedom and grace we have in Christ.

How You Can Share Christ and Serve Among The Deaf:

  • Pray for U.S. Churches and Deaf Leaders to form stronger partnerships.
  • Pray for the U.S. Churches and Deaf Leaders to expand the use of a Sign Language Bible in the Church. 
  • Pray that the Church uses the Sign Language Bible to push the Deaf Community’s spiritual growth to draw near God.