How to Advocate for Deaf People


These 5 simple ways can help you become an advocate for Deaf people in your own circle of influence!

  1. Be Aware and Share Educate yourself about Deaf culture, search for ways to learn sign language, and share with others what you’ve learned. This brings light and truth to many misperceptions about Deaf people groups and their sign languages. Local schools and universities offer sign language classes and Deaf social events to help you practice.
    Present what you learn at your local church, Bible study group, or a ministry where you serve. This helps inform others about sign language and the unique needs of the Deaf.

  2. Pray for the Deaf You can make a difference by praying! James 5:16b declares that the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective.
    Become a Prayer Advocate committed to standing in the gap for Deaf Bibleless communities. Text the word PRAY to 55444 and receive periodic, inspirational text reminders to pray for Deaf people around the world. Access our prayer resources to pray for the needs of Deaf communities.

  3. Make Deaf ConnectionsDo you know or interact with any Deaf people? A great way to connect is through Deaf Church Where, a unique, online directory listing U.S. churches and ministries that offer various services for the Deaf. If there’s a Deaf church in your area, visit them to learn about their specific needs. Trying to learn sign language shows your interest and will open many doors in connecting with Deaf people.

  4. Join Our Virtual CommunityFollow Deaf Bible Society on Facebook and Instagram and stay updated with news and events impacting Deaf communities around the world. Use your social media platforms to encourage and educate others about Deaf communities and the need for sign language Bibles.

  5. Give & FundraiseGive to support Deaf Bible Society Just $28 allows 1 Deaf person to share God’s Word with 10 others in their community. Your generous, tax-deductible gift will support advocacy efforts already underway and advance our mission of God’s Word in Every Sign Language.
    Get creative and fundraise for the Deaf Bible cause. Host an event such as a dinner, car wash, 5K walk/run, or crowdfunding social media campaign.

We’d love for you to prayerfully consider joining Deaf Bible Society as an advocate in at least one — or more! — of these practical ways