Is Your Church The Right Church For Your Deaf Child?

We all love our children, and we want to best for our children. Finding the right church for your Deaf child may be challenging for a hearing parent. 


For example, there is a lack of churches that provide appropriate ministry for Deaf children. You may assume that a sign language interpreter or someone who knows how to sign would solve this issue instantly. However, this is not the case. 

I want to share one of our partners, Silent Blessing’s article, “Bricks Without Straw.” Please click on the following link below and take your time to read this. It will transform your perspective about what Deaf children truly need in a church. 


Deaf children need to be exposed to other Deaf children and Deaf adult role models. Once exposed, their conversations in Christ will grow. Spoken information about the scriptures will become visually accessible to them. In addition, the Deaf adult role models will sharpen their minds and strengthen their walk with the Lord. (Proverbs 27:17). 

What If My Deaf Child Can Speak Or Hear Some? 

Even if your child has speech abilities or has some hearing, they will always feel out of place with those who can hear completely. At a young age, they may not notice this problem. However, when they become older, and their language capabilities need to become advanced and intricate, they will recognize their isolation in the long run and feel like an outsider. 


Our Deaf Community is filled with diverse Deaf people with different levels of hearing loss and speech skills. We want you to allow your Deaf child to join our Deaf Community. Your child will feel more included and have a stronger sense of identity in Christ. You must allow your child to become a part of this Deaf Christian Community. God will use them to lead other Deaf people to the Lord. When you enable them to worship with the Deaf Community, you teach your child to praise the God who created their Deafness. He made them Deaf people and gave them gifts to teach others.

In addition, sign language gives Deaf children visual access to the Scriptures. It helps them to study Christian-like behaviors. If you allow them to use sign language, you provide a stronger foundation for them, especially when you start this process at a young age. 

In the previous article, Bricks Without Straws shared statistical facts.  Did you know that “576 Deaf people die each day…570 without knowing the Lord Jesus Christ?” If you think about it, 98.95 percent of Deaf people worldwide. As a Deaf person, this is scary for me to think about. 

Due to spoken barriers and written Bibles based on sounds, Deaf people are the most unreached group for Christ. Jesus told his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:37)

You can make an insane impact on Deaf communities worldwide by connecting your child with other Deaf people. You will raise a Deaf leader that will grow more workers to harvest for the Lord. Thank you for listening to my prayers.


Ryan Sims Pastor/ Director of Deaf Community Relations at Deaf Bible Society