Finding a church home

10 things to look for when trying to find the right Deaf church in your local community.
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Finding a home church to attend regularly is a daunting task. There are 10 things that you should look for when trying to find the right Deaf church in your local community. These qualities will help you to find your home church, a place to call your own.

A church community will nurture your growth and walk with you. You need to experience a warm environment, be with people who love others, and want to know you more. They need to stand by you and grow with you. This is a community.

You may have been in a situation where you relocated to another church, and you are not used to this new community and need to develop commitment. You might have experienced a church community that had weakened over time, and you need a church that commits to a sense of community. You need to engage and invest your time in your church community. It will prevent the church from falling apart. Once you find your home church, commit, and attend regularly.

As a Deaf person, you might struggle to find a church that empowers Deaf leadership. You might struggle to find a church that allows you to serve. You need to find a church that allows you to get involved. Also, the important question to ask yourself is, “How much time are you willing to be involved with this church?”

It is ok that each church has its own way of expressing worship to connect with God. You need to attend a church that has a worship style that you are comfortable with. Do you like their worship? Does their worship help you to connect with God healthily?

It is true that not all churches share the same beliefs. I strongly encourage you to ask questions about their beliefs. You need to pray and observe them ensure that they are following the Gospel. Please make sure you are comfortable with their belief system. This is very important.

Graceful and truthful teachings
The sermons in your church need to show grace and truth in your life. This is an appropriate environment for your growth. It would help if you implemented what you learn into your daily life. Are you applying what you learned from the sermons into your daily life? 

Evangelistic aims
Is there an Evangelical aim toward believers in your church? Does your church advocate the vision of the Great Commission? It is imperative to be part of a community that advocates this vision. Your church needs to aim not only for growth inside the church but all over the world. It is for His kingdom. You can refer to Matthew 28:16-20 to see if your church has this mindset.

Biblically-based teachings
Does your church use biblically-based teaching? I strongly encourage you to see if your pastor is providing scripture-based sermons or lacks scripture-based sermons. I encourage you to be aware of how their sermons tie with the scriptures.

Clear Gospel message
Is there a clear Gospel message? Does the church teach you how to resist temptation? Instead of staying in the world of sin, you are encouraged to cut off your ties from the world and become deeply rooted in Christ. You need faith in Him. Your church always needs to have a clear message of the Gospel. You must move with His Gospel.

Does your church have traditions or not? There are different ways in how a church can come together to connect with God. I strongly encourage you to figure out what are their purposes behind these traditions. It would help if you determined whether these traditions make you feel comfortable or not. Are there traditions in your personal upbringing that could benefit your church? Go ahead and share your tradition! It is your church. It can become your church!

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