The Future of DCW​

We have a Deaf Church Where Map for you! It’s a unique map, unlike anything that you have seen before! It identifies the churches that provide accessibility for Deaf people to worship in their language.

Deaf Church Where is the only online tool that provides Deaf people a visual resource for finding and contacting local churches in their community. The website,, automatically uses your current location to search for churches in your area. You can also search for churches by their name, city, state, country, etc.

Deaf people, the future is here! With this innovative map, now you can find your home church, or visit an Deaf accessible church when you are out of town. We will continue to add amazing map resources to enhance your church and personal experience with Jesus!

If you know of a Deaf church or ministry, or a hearing church with interpretive services. that you would like added to our website, please visit